TEAM2 Enters Into Exclusive Partnership With REWARDINME

07 Feb 2023

TEAM2 lanches gamification engagement solution for brands in Cambodia, enters into exclusive partnership with RewardinMe. Team Two Co. Ltd and RewardinMe Sdn Bhd recently entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing ceremony was led by Ms Sambo Hak, Executive Director of Team Two Co. Ltd and Mr. Steve Wan, Managing Director of RewardinMe Sdn Bhd

RewardinMe Sdn Bhd offers a Subscription-based Gamification Engagement Solution that enables companies in any industry to boost engagement, reduce the cost of acquisition and increase brand awareness. The platform is very effective at improving marketing and business results and it is one of the most flexible, easy-to-use and efficient tools for designing and executing marketing games available.

"We started RewardinMe because we noticed that our clients were struggling to keep up with the changing buying behaviors of their customers. As a highly skilled web agency, we noticed the custom Gamification Campaigns we built that managed to get some attention. The only problem was: these effective campaigns were super expensive to build from scratch, 'said Steve Wan.

He added "So, we planned, "what if we could build a technology platform enabling brands to reward everyday moments & run marketing gamification campaigns on their own without the need to engage an agency"? We strongly believed that this was a missing brick in the marketing tech stack, and this could be a turn-key element for clients to EntertainReward & Engage customers, which will build stronger connections with their target audiences during these moments, pursue deeper & more meaningful interactions. Gaming campaign are 3x more appealing to gain attention, project better brand image & drive more traffic."

The MoU promotes collaboration between the 2 parties to allow Team Two’s clientele to launch marketing campaigns with the RewardinMe proprietary gamification platform which allows brands to obtain new leads, generate engagement, and foster customer loyalty through games.

'This move is a testament of Team Two ‘s ability to adapt quickly to changing market demands and enhance consumer brand experiences. Team Two has always worked hard to provide first-in-market brand experiences. Testing skills or knowledge through challenging gaming activities, including brand's messages and objectives creates awareness and makes a brand memorable,' said Sambo Hak.

She added "Gamification develops intrinsic motivation through competition and evokes rewards craving behaviour. This allows a business to gain customers engagement, loyalty and drive more traffic.'

"We applaud Team Two's recognition of the advantages in gamification as a brand marketing solution. We are humbled by the company’s vote of confidence in our gamification platform and capabilities and admire Team Two’s mission to offer the latest digital marketing tools to their customers," said Steve Wan.

RewardinMe is able to enhance a brand’s virtual world campaign experience and its consumers can enjoy real-world outcomes. A brand can choose to launch its own branded (White-labeled) games and enrich its campaign with different content elements and numerous add-ons such as social sharing and rewards module.

"We have seen the rapid expansion of smart phone adoption in Cambodia. Digital social media such as Tik Tok as well as mobile gaming are fast growing in Cambodia, and it is paramount for brands to consider a mobile-first approach to effectively engage their consumers. Mobile marketing should now be the core strategy for any brand to create a thoroughly engaging real-time and seamless brand experience," added Sambo Hak.

The RewardinMe platform allows white-labelled front-end campaign editing through its card-based setting making games designing quick and easy for any brand. The platform allows a brand to manage the prizes and automatically send notifications to winners through the platform. Its social sharing capabilities allow consumers to display their gaming progress on their social media.


About RewardinMe Sdn Bhd


Malaysia-based RewardinMe Sdn Bhd is a No-Code Gamification Engagement SaaS Platform which enables businesses to build strong relationships with customers in fun and rewarding ways. The platform helps transform a company from being transient and transactional to delivering continuous and meaningful customer engagements in the digital economy.

The RewardinMe Gamification Engagement Platform has grown to become a strong MarTech contender in the mobile-first economy, powering large regional and global brands. The platform enables organizations of all sizes to monetize on customer engagements by creating personalized, interactive revenue-generating digital experiences for millions of end consumers.

In the past few years, RewardinMe completed a few successful campaigns with Malaysia and Indonesia clients, with some resulting in 5x revenue growth and collected over 10,000 shoppers’ data in just 2 days.


About Team Two Co., Ltd

Team Two Co., Ltd. Is a digital marketing company established in 2015 under the WML+ Group subsidiary, with the goal of becoming Cambodia's leading digital media & creative agency. We have been involved in many significant projects and partnered with different sectors and both major local & international brands to create the best creative content for Cambodian people. Aside from client services, we have also been building different digital communities including a sport-focused content website, a local food & restaurant search engine website, and the first E-Sport community "Next Level Entertainment".


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