RewardinMe in Partnership With Xilnex P.O.S System, Committed to Bringing Innovation & Value to Our Retail Clients.

07 Aug 2023

I am thrilled to announce a significant milestone for RewardinMe as we take a giant leap forward in revolutionizing the retail industry. Today, I am proud to reveal our exciting system integration partnership with Xilnex P.O.S System, a true pioneer in cloud-based Point of Sale solutions in the region.

At RewardinMe, we have always been committed to bringing innovation and value to our retail clients, and this collaboration is a testament to that commitment. By joining forces with Xilnex, we are set to launch the very first Innovative Retail Gamification solution to their esteemed retail clients.

With Gamification (Playable Marketing) at the heart of our offering, we aim to revolutionize the way customers interact with retail businesses. By introducing elements of gaming into the shopping experience, we will create an engaging and rewarding journey for both customers and retailers alike.

Through this integration, Xilnex's clients will gain access to our cutting-edge Gamification Engagement Solution.


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