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POPOPTAIPEI x RewardinMe x Ret[AI]ling Data

24 Dec 2023

RewardinMe landed at 瓶蓋工廠台北製造所 launched the 1st AI-powered Kiosk + #PlayableMarketing Campaign with our Taiwan Strategic Partner 聚典資訊 Ret[AI]ling Data. We aimed to empower more businesses in Taiwan to further Increase Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Retention through Fun, Rewarding + Actionable Insights.

RewardinMe proudly unveiled its innovative presence at 瓶蓋工廠台北製造所, marking the inauguration of the very first AI-powered Kiosk in conjunction with an exciting #PlayableMarketing Campaign, a collaborative effort with our esteemed strategic partner in Taiwan, 聚典資訊 Ret[AI]ling Data. With this groundbreaking initiative, our primary objective is to revolutionize the landscape of customer engagement, loyalty, and retention strategies across diverse businesses in Taiwan. Through an amalgamation of fun-filled experiences, rewarding interactions, and invaluable insights, we aspire to empower enterprises to forge deeper connections with their clientele, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sustained growth and success in the dynamic market landscape of Taiwan.



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