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Speaker @ 未來商務 Future Commerce Ai Taiwan 2023 - EXPLORE! Data Market Entry & Expansion in the SEA

15 Jun 2023

I am truly honored to be a part of the 2023 未來商務 Future Commerce Ai Taiwan Expo. It is through their dedication and vision that we have this unique platform to showcase - RewardinMe, our latest advancements and exchange ideas with fellow industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators. This Expo truly embodies the spirit of collaboration and progress.

I am deeply honored to have the privilege of participating in the prestigious 2023 未來商務 Future Commerce Ai Taiwan Expo. This remarkable event stands as a testament to the unwavering dedication and forward-thinking vision of its organizers, providing us with a unique and unparalleled platform to showcase RewardinMe, our latest advancements, and pioneering initiatives. Moreover, it serves as an invaluable arena for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge exchange among industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators alike.

The Expo embodies the very essence of collaboration and progress, serving as a beacon of innovation and a catalyst for transformative change within our industry. As we come together to share insights, explore emerging trends, and forge new partnerships, we collectively propel the boundaries of possibility and drive forward the future of commerce.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to all involved in making this event possible, and I am genuinely excited to embark on this extraordinary journey of discovery, growth, and innovation alongside each and every one of you. Together, let us seize this opportunity to shape the future of commerce and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.


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