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RewardinMe assists brands to fast-track their growth

25 Dec 2022

RewardinMe, a no-code Gamification Engagement SAAS Platform helps businesses reward and retain customers. The company has strong presence in Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. RewardinMe, is a no-code gamification engagement software as a service (SaaS) platform. The platform offers services for businesses to entertain, reward and engage with their customers and will be launched during Q4 this year.

Enables customer reward and retention

RewardinMe assists brands to fast-track their growth which enables them to launch effective online-to-offline (O2O) campaign within 1-3 days. Gaming campaign is reported to be 3x more appealing on gaining attention, better brand image and hence, able to drive more traffic.

Background of RewardinMe

RewardinMe was initially founded in Malaysia during 2002 as a digital software company. The team at RewardinMe noticed their customised gamification campaigns were doing well in gaining traction but with a slight downside; the campaigns were very expensive to build from scratch.

Hence, RewardinMe built a platform that enables businesses to reward their customers and run marketing gamification campaigns on their own without the need to engage a marketing agency. The software solution company aims to assist businesses that were struggling to keep up with customers' changing buying behaviors.

Market expansion and recent achievements

Back in 2015, RewardinMe won the W3 Awards & Horizon Interactive Awards USA. As for market expansion, the company started offering services in Indonesia and Cambodia just a few years back. The company was the ASEAN top 20 finalist at one of Asia's largest entrepreneurship contest, Create@ Alibaba Cloud Global Startup Contest 2021. The company was also awarded the PHR application project from University Malaya Medical Center in June 2022. To date, the company completed many successful campaigns with brands from Malaysia, Indonesia and Cambodia. The revenue growth of brands grew 5x via launched gaming campaigns and also managed to generate over 10k leads in an average of 2 days.


RewardinMe's vision and goals

The company is actively seeking regional players as partners to further engage with local audiences. For their exit strategy, RewardinMe is targeting to merge with partners within 3 years after dominating their local markets. Thailand and Vietnam would be 2 markets that the company is looking to expand in the next 2 years, as well as develop their own leading marketing technology (MarTech) platform. For additional information, do contact Steve Wan at +0167122841 / [email protected].


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