Now is time to upgrade your marketing with Gamification

RewardinMe Gamification Platform allows you Entertain, Reward & Engage your customer through games and build your customer database by campaigns like never before.

Gamify Campaign Today!

Gamification marketing allows you to run more effective campaigns, boost sales and make profits by entertaining, rewarding, and engaging customers through games, during their happiest moments.

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3x more appealing to gain attention.

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Project better brand image.

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Drive more traffic.

6 Key Benefits


Reduces the campaign execution time from weeks to few minutes. Fast-track your growth without building everything yourselves.


Centralized information center that empowers your sales team to have meaningful engagement and communication with your prospects.


Combine multiple engagement mechanics & varieties of gaming campaigns for your business to generate a brand-new experience, every time, everywhere.


Automated Data Collection for Customer Behaviors that aligns with the needs of your target audiences and inspires long-term customer relationships.


Seamlessly generate In-depth Humanity Machine Learning generated reports that benefits your future remarketing needs.


Build a strong bond with your members by creating engagement activities. Rewards every step they do and encourage them to get more!